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Treating The CAUSE Not Just The SYMPTOMS

Ashley Holliday graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2013 and Masters of Physiotherapy in 2014. Ashley has since worked in private practice and developed her Musculoskeletal skills through various external education courses. Ashley has completed specific training in assessment and treatment of shoulders, hips, low back/pelvic pain, sports injuries, knee injuries, thoracic spine and rib injuries and much more. Ashley has completed training with Barbara Hungerford (Specialist Physiotherapist at Sydney Spine) and is a preferred provider for treating low back and pelvic related injuries. Ashley loves working with all types of injuries from the everyday injury to the elite sporting injuries.

Current education: Ashley is currently undergoing training in Women's Pelvic Health

Registered NDIS provider

Ashley is an NDIS registered provider, which means she can provide support for NDIS participants whether they are self managed, plan managed for NDIA managed. She provides services in the clinic, in the home or at other locations such as the pool or gym. 

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